Design Arts: Darius Dada Returns To Village Ordeals

The Artistic Director on October 12, 2018 exhibited at the French Institute in Yaounde a designed structure of Maka village found in the East region of Cameroon.

Darius Dada an Artistic Director exhibited the day and night setting of his village, Maka at the French Institute in Yaounde On October 12, 2018. He called the project “Le Village enchanté de Meke” and presented it under the theme; “Village Universe”.

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While exhibiting the work that took one month to construct, the architect said he wished to bring back to live those amazing details that could only be experienced in rural areas through the story of a village boy called Meke.

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He highlights the fruitfulness and solidarity that exist in villages by bringing to play a setting made up of huts roofed with raffia, surrounded by green trees and a compound that harbours a family and a small kitchen all derived from the arts of painting, drawing, and design.

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Going by him, the experiences of stooping to get in to a hut, stooping to drink water from a pond, moving and sleeping freely with no disturbances from noises produced by cars and other industries, can only be experienced when we bounce back to our villages.

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Darius Dada said, “I gained inspiration from a world cup I watched in my village in perfect tranquility and ambiance. I wanted to do something to take me back to that period and tell the world that there is joy in our roots.”

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The artist who also constructs the night atmosphere of his village with the huts lightened by bush lamps and some houses completely in the dark, said it is not the current situa tion of his village, but emphasized that people still had fun in those days watching the world cup late at night.

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Keen observers of this work of arts appreciated the tireless efforts of Darius and said from the construction they actually flashbacked to the wonderful village memories that they had left behind.

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