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Bamenda: President Biya’s Victory Was No Surpris

Many people keenly listened to and watched the proclamation of election results

The October 7, 2018 presidential elections is now history for many in Bamenda and its neighbourhoods after the official proclamation of the results by the Constitutional Council. In effect, many in the city followed the proclamation of the results on radio and television screens.

Few were on the streets and even fewer in offices and business places with the regular Monday ghost town to blame. The victory of incumbent President Paul Biya, candidate of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) did not surprise many in Bamenda and the region that was deprived of effective campaigns ahead of October 7, presidential elections.

Only the CPDM party featured some public cam paigns events at the Bamenda Congress Hall, away from what campaign team members said were strategic door-to-door. Virtually all the nine political parties that presented candidates for the race blamed the socio-political crisis rocking the region for not helping matters for campaigns in Divisions and sub divisions. The consequences were low voter turnout on October 7, 2018 .

Many in the city neighbourhoods however, acknowledged that the election took the nation's democracy to the next level with the hot show for improvement in the public hearing of post elections petitions by the Constitutional Council. It is on many lips in Bamenda that the calibre of lawyers, administrators and political party leaders that featured at the public hearing and quality of submission made the differ



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