GCE Board Reorganisation: Making Certificate Holders More Competitive

The recent Presidential Decree has brought in new examination and major administrative changes in the running of the Board.

October 22, 2018 marked another turning point in the administrative running and organisation of examinations organised by the Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE) Board. The Presidential Decree No 2018/514 of October 22, 2018 to reorganize the Board has brought a lot of novelty with regards to the structure of examinations and general administration.

The Registrar of the GCE Board, Dang Akuh Dominic says the decree, while suppressing GCE Technical, Foreign Examinations and Baccalauréat Technique and related Examinations in English; has expanded the scope of activities and the structure of the Cameroon GCE Board, leading to more job creation and unemployment reduction.

New Technical Education Examinations

The decree has introduced new examinations in Technical Education such as Technical and Vocational Education Examination, with Intermediate level that shall earn an Intermediate Technical Certificate, for first cycle secondary school graduates. Technical and Vocational Educational Examination, Advanced Level, that shall earn an Advanced Technical Certificate; for high school graduates. Professional Certification Examinations that shall earn an Advanced Professional Certificate for professionals.

Dang Akuh Dominic noted that these examinations are purely Anglo-Saxon styled examinations that will go a long way to solve the perennial problem of lack of professionals and specialists’, aptitudes and skills necessary for ready employment in an ever growing job market. “This is an apt response to new world trends in education and vocational education; The registrar told CT adding that, the innovation will make GCE Board certificate holders more competitive in the job market”.

Administrative Changes

Looking at the general administration of the Board, the Council of the Board hitherto composed of seventeen members, is now known as the Board of Directors with only seven members including a Staff Representative, at the head of which is a Board Chair.

All mem bers are appointed by Presidential Decree for a period of three years renewable once. The position and title of the Chief Executive Officer of the Board, until now referred to as Registrar with the rank of Director in the Central Administration and appointed by Prime Ministerial Decree, has now been upgraded to the Rank of General Manager of State Corporation, but still bearing the same appellation, Registrar; and appointed by a Presidential Decree. This has elevated the position of the Registrar to a more authoritative, prestigious and respectable rank among his peers.

Dominic Dang Akuh underlined that the decree has maintained the Anglo Saxon title of Registrar, which is a common appellation of all Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of Examination bodies in most Commonwealth countries. The Registrar of the Cameroon GCE Board will henceforth be assisted by only one Deputy Registrar, with the rank of Assistant General Manager appointed by a Presidential Decree, and called Assistant Registrar.

This has cut the cost of running two deputy offices as was the case previously. Both the Registrar and his Assistant shall be appointed for a term of office of three years renewable twice.



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