Njorku.com: “Elephant” Technology Creates Jobs For Thousands

Churchill Nanje, aged 31, in 2011 created the job search website.


A young entrepreneur, Churchill Nanje, 31, has made his mark in Cameroon and Africa through Njorku Limited. “Njorku,” which means “elephant” in the Dikume Balue language of Ndian Division in the South West Region, where Nanje comes from, helps individuals to find jobs and employers to get qualified job seekers. He manages curriculum vitaes of job seekers to meet the requirements of employers, after which they are saved in the data base of Njorku.com.

When he finds jobs that suit the CVs, the requirements are then sent to employers. Prior to Njorku.com, Nanje had at the age of 20 created his first company, Afrovision Groups. It carries out consultancy on building websites, developing software and digital information. Nanje worked with the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board and also did some work for MTN. He developed passion for computers after his GCE Advanced Level certificate. “I wanted something practical. So I got into computing where I discovered software programming and other fascinating things. I wanted to know how these things work,” he explains.

At 17, he became a computer instructor with Trustec on the use of the Internet. He has trained and mentored about 30 young people who work with him. Churchill also builds products and partners with other software companies. Meanwhile, Njorku.com today boasts 200,000 Africans who search it every month to find jobs and other information. Nanje’s advice to young people is “to have a sense of responsibility to change your situation through self-effort.” Churchill Nanje is determined to spread the reach of Njorku.com beyond the shores of Africa.




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