University of Buea: 5,813 Freshmen Begin Training

The oath of matriculation was administered to the students by the Vice Chancellor, Ngomo Horace Manga, on November 17, 2018

The University of Buea (UB) last Saturday November 17, 2018, officially welcomed its newly recruited 26th batch of students into the institution. The ceremony that held at the Herbert Nganjo Endeley Amphitheatre (Open Amphi) in UB saw 5,813 freshmen pledged to be law abiding. “I do on my honour promise to obey the rules and regulations guiding student conduct and discipline in the University of Buea.

I understand the University of Buea……academic honesty and to the general regulations governing academic programmes,” the students echoed with their right hands raised up. In a ceremony witnessed by the Nigeria Consult General to the South West and North West Region, Representative of the South West Governor, the Vice Chancellor explained that the oath taking is a sign and surest way of indicating that the students are fully members of the University of Buea. He applauded the students to have defiled all odds to engage in schooling.

Ngomo Horace saluted the recently announced recruitment of 2,000 Pd.D holders which according to him will strengthen the University Community in Cameroon. An academic discourse delivered by Prof. Ernest Molua, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine of UB, dwelled on “The Art of Success”.

He outlined some learning possibilities like using the internet, tutorials and academic group chats for students to enhance their knowledge. “You have come here to be transformed into experts in various fields. In order to achieve that, you must allow yourselves to be transformed. Your job here is to study and that of your lecturers to impact knowledge on you,” he told the students while adding that they must read widely.

Early, UB four chaplains from the Muslim Community, Roman Catholic Church, Cameroon Baptist Convention and Presbyterian Church in Cameroon opened the matriculation ceremony with an ecumenical service. Reading from the biblical book of Deuteronomy 10:12-22, Reverend Father Tala Christopher preached on the theme, “Change your hearts and stop being stubborn.” He urged the students to be the light of Christ as they progress in their academic ladder. In their prayers, they presented the freshmen to God’s guidance, protection, hard work and most especially good consciousness as they embark on the journey of quest for useful knowledge



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