“ There Is Need To Organise The Sector”

Mbele Mbele Didier Ange, South West Regional

Clandestine or illegal transportationis rife in the South WestRegion. What is your officedoing to curb the phenomenon?

Clandestine transportation means those persons practising commercial transportation without legal documents or without being registeredas public transporters.The phenomenon has been fought against for long without complete success. We have here in the South West Region a joint commission headed by the boss of the regional administration. Because of the difficulty in eradicating illegal transportation, I wish that the sector can be organised so those involved could be made to pay taxes and be subjected to some training and discipline. Equally, if they are organised they would be sensitised against overspeeding, transporting dangerous persons and carrying illegal goods.

What is the existing policy oft he Ministry of Transport? To stop illegal transportation or to organise the sector to function in conformity?

In the past it was a matter of stopping it. But now, there is need to organise the sector in consideration that they are also Cameroonians trying to feed their families. We have an inter-ministerial commission that is studying and working together to clean the sector.We are aware that your Ministry covers land, air and maritime transport.

Is illegal transportation also as a cute in the maritime sector?

Surely, many of those boats arenot practising under the norms.We are trying to matriculate all the boats. We started work and halted because of the end-ofyearfestivities. We will resume it. We control to ensure that there is the list of passengers and the documents of the boat. Some time ago the Governor of this Region and a team went to the road and tracked downsome uniform officers involved in illegal transportation near the Police School in Mutengene.

Do you envisage such an operationin the South West anytime soon?

You know, the Governor is the chair of the inter-ministerial commission whose duty includes to check illegal transportation at the level of the Region.



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