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Construction of Drainages in Douala: CUD Calls for Participative Management

A capacity building workshop on the project sustainability took place.


In order to associate the populationin the sustainable management of drainages under constructionin Douala, the City Council organized a second training workshop for members of listening bureaus who actas liaison officers with the population.Speaking during the opening ceremony, the assistant director for studies and planning, Mbah, called on the members to sensitise the population on how to take goodcare of the drainages and other national patrimony. He disclosed that the city council set up ten listening posts in the five sub divisions where the project is taking place with a mission to accompany the people affected by the project psychologically and socially.

The chief of project, Armand Meteke,said the project is jointly financed by the French Development Agency,the government of Cameroon and the Douala city council. He said ofthe 250 km earmarked for the project, only about 10 km gas been done. The drainages are constructed around New Bell south, Leclerc, Newbell north, mboppi, mbanya, bonne courses, Bonassama and kondi to the tune of 109 billion. There was another presentation of a project to improve on the living conditions of under privileged neighbourhoods notably by building waste water treatment plants, opening up newroads, protecting settlements against erosion and putting up street lights. The third project known as“Douala, sustainable town” was presented by joseph Magloire Olinga coupled with question and answer sessions.

As concerns communication towards behavioral change, there were presentation son social communication, change of attitude, optimal use ofthe facilities as well as sanctions applicable in case of urban disorder.It is worthy to note that the project will run up to 2020.




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