North West: CPDM Concerts To Emerge Leading Political Force

CPDM Regional Permanent Delegation team leader, H.E Philemon Yang prescribes permanent mobilization, political intelligence.

The North West CPDM Central Committee Permanent Delegation has set priority actions to make the ruling party, the leading political force in the region. CPDM, team leader for the North West, H.E Philemon Yang told members of the Permanent delegations and officials of basic organs of the party in Bamenda  on November 4, 2016  to consolidate political gains by making monitoring imperative. The event was a workshop where  party leaders were inspired to work to regain lost territory,  go for the conquest of targeted youths and women who are tomorrow’s potential.

North West CPDM Permanent Delegation leader, Prime Minister Philemon Yang said there is hope in the future for the CPDM and Cameroon as a whole as he challenged militants to avoid working in a way to add feathers to the wings of the opposition. It was a rare moment for militants to freely express themselves. There were no mathematical answers to some worries, but all shared talking points which set records straight about the way forward for the party. It was against this background that the Team leader, H.E Philemon Yang prescribed improvements in the functioning of basic organs, free and democratic debates focus on political education and sharing the joys and pains of political opponents. Permanent mobilization was the password.  It emerged from the workshop that the recent reorganization of basic organs of the CPDM, petitions that accrued and appointments are over and it is time for leaders to faithfully work for the party. H.E Philemon Yang demonstrated that the CPDM will win elections in 2018 by preparing now.

Participants made requests for special Constituencies in certain areas and suggested ideas to improve relations between elected party officials, Mayors and Parliamentarians. The workshop equally sized up the situation in respective Permanent Divisional delegations with elite inspired to help   “have nots” populations to obtain National Identity cards to qualify for registration on voter registers.



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