Cameroon-Turkey: Political Dialogue, Solidarity Deepened

The outgoing Ambassador of Turkey to Cameroon made the declaration after a farewell audience at the Ministry of External Relations on December 26, 2018.

The outgoing Ambassador of Turkey to Cameroon, Husnu Murat Ulku said he will be leaving Cameroon in a few days time with a sense of fulfilment as political dialogue and solidarity between Cameroon and Turkey deepened during his three-year diplomatic stay in Cameroon.

He spoke to the press after having  farewell talks with the Minister Delegate at the  Ministry of External Relations in charge of Relations with the Islamic World, Adoum Gargoum. He said the courtesy call served as an occasion for them to take stock of the growth in bilateral relations between Cameroon and Turkey for the three years in which he was at the helm of Turkey’s diplomatic mission in Cameroon. “We confirmed to each other that our partnership is strong, our relations are solid based on a true sense of brotherhood  and solidarity. There are concrete outcomes of our cooperation on the economic and security fronts,” the Turkish diplomat said.

In specific terms, he said, “political dialogue during my time was deepened ,  the sense of solidarity was tested on many occasions. The two countries know that they can trust each other in any circumstance.” He cited the high sense of solidarity demonstrated when Turkey had the shock of the coup attempt in 2016 and later on Cameroon faced so many security challenges. “On every occasion we displayed the necessary solidarity with each other,” he said.  On the economic side, the Ambassador said, he was  happy that the two countries  have a vibrant partnership. “The famous Japoma Stadium in Douala will be the icon of our partnership,” he added. While stating that he was saddened that he will leave Cameroon  in a few days time,  Husnu Murat Ulku  said, “Turkey will continue to accompany Cameroon in the quest for a better future in the security and prosperity.”



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