Academic Year: Second Term Begins Today

Pupils, students and teachers will resume classes after the end-of-year festivities

The usual bustling seen during the early hours along the streets and different roads in the city of Yaounde will gain momentum as from this morning as classes resume for the second term. The term remains the longest and most crucial in the academic year. As such, school authorities as well as students and pupils have braced-up to ensure a hitch-free and successfully term.

After two weeks of intense activities to celebrate Christmas and New Year feasts, pupils and students are currently following the path leading to their various classrooms for the second and longest term of the 2018/2019 academic year. Throughout the national territory, school premises are expected to spring to life. The hustling and bustling in towns is expected to intensify as people will be rushing to different school premises. Over the weekend CT made a tour to some school premises in Yaounde where it was realised that authorities are fully prepared to kick start the second term. At a private primary and secondary school in Yaounde, the school administrators were already taking the necessary measures to ensure that pupils and students meet a clean school fit to begin studies.

When asked why there is no clean up exercise taking place at the school premises, it was disclosed that there is not much work to be done in terms of clean up since all the classrooms were properly cleaned and locked at the end of the first term. Because the second term remains the most crucial in the academic year, teachers say they have put up special timetables to ensure that there is time to cover the syllabuses during a term full with extra-curricular activities geared towards commemorating the Youth Day. An Inspector of Pedagogy, Beatrice Ano, calls on parents to join school administration in ensuring that students quickly and effectively get back to the studious mood that characterize any school term. She also urges students to maximize their time in studying especially given that the term is a decisive one coupled with many extra-curricular activities.

Parents in the North West and South West Regions are hoping the security problems in both regions is put under control in a bid to ensure their children effectively go to school.



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