Alenne Menget : Self Made Actor

He is a trained journalist and film maker; and the best African Actor dedicated by the Golden Academic Awards organizers in Ghana.

Alenne Menget is one of the most popular names now in the Cameroon movie industry. He says; “I know I am the best.” Recently in Ghana, amongst other contestants like Ramsey Nouah, Gabriel Afolayah and Blossom Chukwujekwu all Nigerian actors; and Michel Majid of Ghana, Alenne Menget won the award for the Best African Actor for his lead role in the movie “A Good Time To Divorce”, by Nkanya Nkwain.

The tall looking actor, who hails from Mbengwi in the North West Region, owes his success to his late father who molded him through his legendary role as a Master of Arts, drama, poetry (literature) lecturer. “He impacted a lot in my life while I grew up,” Alenne Menget says. Today he takes credit for 150 documentaries and has won at least 12 awards in his journalism and movie career. Alenne Menget says while at the University of Buea, he did not set out to become an actor. He went into acting to prove a point, because during a newsroom meeting with his young colleagues, while he criticized Nigerian movies and  wanted them to make a paper on that,  by the time he knew it, those young colleagues were gossiping about him saying, “He only knows how to criticize, but cannot act a film.” This is how Alenne Menget decided to go for the audition of a film; “The protagonist of Sacrament,” and was selected at the end. This is how Alenne’s film career started and since then, he has been finding his way to the top.

With a Degree in History from the University of Buea and an Online Course in Investigative Journalism at the World Bank Institute in Washington DC, Alenne Menget says he has been part of the establishment of a number of Radio and TV stations. He is part of a team that has created the BT media which will be involved in putting entertainment TV channels aimed at promoting local cultures and Cameroon movies. Alenne Menget says Cameroon’s movie industry is growing and his challenge is to work and keep planting until he is planted.  




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