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Below is a press release from the Minister of State, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic following the Council of Ministers Meeting.

“The President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul Biya, chaired an important Council of Ministers Meeting today, Wednesday, 16 January 2019, at 11 a.m. at Unity Palace. Besides the President's closest aides, the meeting was attended by the Prime Minister, Ministers of State, Ministers, Ministers Delegate and Secretaries of State. The lone item on the agenda of the meeting was the Special Statement by the Head of State. The Head of State congratulated and welcomed the members of the new government team and urged them to resolutely get down to work to address the concerns of the population voiced during the presidential election campaign. He recalled that the main goal of government action is to achieve emergence by 2035 and, to this end, underscored the need to consolidate achievements and to be prepared to seize new opportunities. In this regard, the President of the Republic emphasized the need to comply with project implementation time frames and ordered the rapid conduct of project feasibility studies. He urged the Government to make the necessary efforts to better welcome investors to our country and to grant them the appropriate facilities. Regarding corruption, the Head of State reaffirmed his determination to intensify the fight against this scourge. The Head of State also underscored the need for the entire government team to be imbued with the 2019 Economic, Financial, Social and Cultural Programme that was presented before the National Assembly. In this regard, the President of the Republic recalled the salient points of the Programme which should be considered as the Government's roadmap, notably removing security constraints within the country and at its borders; consolidating peace, national unity and cohabitation; completing the Three Year Emergency Plan for Accelerating Growth and the Three-Year "Special Youth" Plan; preparing for the upcoming legislative, municipal and regional elections; accelerating the decentralization process; implementing major projects; developing the digital economy, industrialization and second generation agriculture; modernizing the economy, reviving growth and creating jobs; and pursuing the implementation of the 2017-2019 Economic and Financial Programme concluded with the IMF. Regarding the methodology and principles that should guide day-to-day government action, the President of the Republic prescribed the strengthening of government solidarity and coordination to enhance efficiency. Concluding his speech, the President of the Republic hailed the political, economic and social strides made so far and underscored the need to resolutely pursue these efforts to achieve emergence.”

Yaounde, 16 January 2019 (s) Ferdinand NGOH NGOH Minister of State, Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Republic



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