January 4, 2019 Cabinet Reshuffle : Paul Biya Galvanises New Government

The Head of State yesterday 16 January 2019 chaired a Council of Ministers Meeting at Unity Palace during which he gave the Joseph Dion Ngute-led team orientations on what to do.

The new government put in place on January 4, 2019 now know what is expected of them and can therefore swing into full action to meet the aspirations of Cameroonians who have once again given another seven-year term of office to the Head of State, Paul Biya. The President of the Republic gave the orientations to the Joseph Dion Ngute-led team yesterday January 16, 2019 at Unity Palace.

The conclave which began at 11 am was attended by the entire government and close aides of the Head of State. All the attendees took their seats at the Council of Ministers Hall at the third floor of Unity Palace well before the arrival of the presiding officer, President Paul Biya.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, Prime Minister, Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute said it was a moment for the Head of State to present his roadmap to the new government. “The President of the Republic has given us a plan of action which we must execute to the letter,” he said. The Head of Government noted that the plan of action is really the programme the Head of State put forward to the Cameroonian people and which made the people to elect him as President of the Republic.

On what could be the priority of the government looking at the stakes and challenges of the moment, Joseph Dion Ngute disclosed that there are very important areas he and his team will have to work on. “We have to work on security and maintaining peace in the four corners of the Republic, we have to work on advancing the economic programme of Cameroon so as to get to emergence in 2035 and of course we have to work on the programme for the youth so as to give them satisfaction and make them to fulfil their potentials,” the PM said.

It emerged from the in-camera meeting that President Paul Biya tasked the new government to embrace government solidarity and be assiduous at work so as to implement the roadmap. “That is what I retained and that is what I will apply so as to satisfy the Head of State and Cameroonian people,” the Prime Minister Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute pledged.

There was visible conviviality as the Members of Government left the meeting hall. They could be seen either holding hands or chatting in groups as they came out of the State House. The perceptible camaraderie is expected to be translated into unreserved government solidarity which the Head of State prescribed so that celerity could be the watchword in handling teething problems starring the country in the face.

As a matter of fact, the “Greater Opportunities” term of office the Head of State has begun is said to be a decisive one for the country. He pledged, prior to taking up the mandate, to further improve the living conditions of his compatriots, continue to consolidate peace, safeguard national unity and territorial integrity, accelerate progress towards Cameroon’s emergence, strengthen innovation, enhance the role of women and youth, step up the fight against exclusion, provide more support to arts, sports and culture and consolidate Cameroon’s position within and without Africa and to ensure the defence and progress of the fatherland.

Those to materialise the programme have been picked and briefed. Their roles have been clearly defined. Action time therefore to walk the presidential talk and engagement.




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