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World Leprosy Day : CERAC Communes With Ngalane Community

Gifts were offered to persons affected by the disease on January 27 by the Circle of Friends of Cameroon.

Within the framework of its humanitarian actions, the Circle of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC)  visited the Ngalane community in the Mvila Division of the South Region to commune with persons treated and those under medical attention affected by leprosy.  The visit and sharing of gifts to these persons was on the side lines of the 66th edition of the World Leprosy Day celebrated under the theme "Ending discrimination, stigma and prejudice" and presided at by the Governor of the South Region, Felix Nguele Nguele. 

In her capacity as Head of the CERAC delegation , Beatrice Evou Mekou said they are with the community to celebrate the day with them given that the First Lady and Founder of CERAC, Mrs Chantal Biya is fully committed  in eradicating the unfortunate illness. She noted that their objective is registering zero cases of leprosy in the country. "Total eradication is possible on the condition that everyone mobilises  efforts to this effect. Our role is to ensure that no one is contaminated by leprosy," she stated. 

Madam Evou Mekou said the First Lady together with CERAC will continue advocacy in relation to the political and civil rights of vulnerable persons.   She urged the concerned persons to surmount their physically challenged conditions and participate in the electoral process. "When talking of elections, no one is excluded. You should register and vote and why not even become candidates.  Cameroon needs the contribution of everybody to emerge," she encouraged.

Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, Michel Zo'o Mengue thanked CERAC for the several gifts and for putting a smile on the faces of persons affected or once affected by leprosy. He regretted the fact that those affected by the disease face some challenges such as difficulty in getting fully integrated into the society and don't enjoy equal employment opportunities like others. Going by him, they are very enthusiastic in contributing to the social and economic progress of Cameroon. 

On behalf of the Minister of Public Health, the Secretary General, Koulla Shiro said early detection of the ailment is key to achieving treatment which is free in medical centres. She said sensitisation relating to stigma and other leprosy related issues will continue across the national territory. 

Every last Sunday of the month of January every year, CERAC visits communities and communes with those affected by leprosy. They have in relation to this initiative visited several regions and offered gifts and medical equipment to affected persons.




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