Public-Private Partnership: Belgian Firm To Provide Equipment

The company will provide the National Civil Engineering Equipment Pool with over 600 construction equipment within two years.

Government has signed a multibillion partnership agreement with Belgian multinational company, DEM Group for the delivery of some 662 machines and vehicles to the National Civil Engineering Equipment Pool (MATGENIE).

The Minister of Public Works, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi on February 1, signed on behalf of the government of Cameroon while the Chief Executive Officer of Dem Group, Mostafa Chenbout signed on behalf of his company.

The contract is worth circa FCFA 157.430 billion (240 million Euros) funded by a Belgian partner with a 100 per cent guarantee from the Belgian government, the CEO disclosed. “We will provide MATGENIE with 662 equipments during the first phase of implementation of the project, during which training centres will be
created in the ten regions of Cameroon to ensure the effective use of the machines. Having great equipment is good, but it is more important to know how to use them well,” he said. The multinational company operating in Cameroon through its subsidiary DEM Cameroon will, as part of the agreement, train Cameroonians on how to use the equipment.

“We are committed to transferring competence and technology. Our technicians are also going to be part of the project management unit to provide support and guarantee profitability,” Yann Le Naour, Dem Group General Manager told reporters. The equipment consist of diverse sorts of machines and vehicles required for construction as well as rehabilitation of roads. The supply of equipment will be done within a period of two years but government holds the right to extend it if it deems it necessary, we learned. According to the agreement, the equipment will be divided into three

One set will be allocated to 28 mobile intervention brigades for road maintenance in 360 local council areas, another one will be set aside for construction companies wanting to rent them, while a third lot will be kept in MATGENIE for use on contracts. It should be noted that MATGENIE has exclusive rights to construction of projects of the Ministry of Public Works following an agreement signed between the two entities in 2018.

“Four training centres and ten service points will be created in all ten regions of the country within the framework of this project. This agreement gives our equipment pool a boost,” the General Manager of MATGENIE, Desiré Abogo Ntang said.




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