House Thief

A young man dreaming to play professional football organized a robbery at their residence to raise funds to travel abroad. The young man (names withheld given his minor age) had been approached by a football coach that there was an opportunity to play in a club in Mexico and that he needed the sum of 2 million to make him travel to the Latin American country.

The young man requested financial assistance from his aunt with whom he is living in NgangueDouala. But the aunt and other family relations said they couldn’t raise such an amount and that if the coach is sure the deal is certain, he could as well pre-finance the trip and the footballer will refund him as soon as he signs a contract.

This did not go down well with the coach who said he had other offers from less talented budding footballers and that he would offer the opportunity to them. In frantic search for money, the young man first attempted to sell their family land but was caught in the process of negotiation and the land he had stolen, retrieved from him.

His next move was to organize a fake burglary in their house as the new big flat screen TV was made away with at night while everyone was sleeping. The purported thieves passed through the back which was only known to the inhabitants of the house. Unknown to him, a neighbour returning from a boozing spree witnessed the scene as he was passing the TV set over the fence.

People believed his story until news of the theft got to the ears of the neighbour two days later who spilt the beans. Under duress he was forced to take the family members to the person who bought the TV set and it was retrieved. 



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