Internal Auditing: Cameroon Institute Revamps Activities

IIA Cameroon held a board meeting in Douala recently.


Internal auditors in Cameroon are set to vie for the position of Vice President and Sub-Saharan Representative of the Francophone Union of Internal Auditors (UFAI). Gathered under the umbrella of the Institute of Internal Auditors-Cameroon (IIA), the auditors were to select two candidates for the General Assembly scheduled for this month.

The candidates, according to IIA Cameroon Executive President, Bonheur Hiol, will be presented to the 12th international conference of UFAI in Paris, France, from November 13-16, 2016. Activities to prepare the conference began in Douala with the holding of the first-ever board meeting of IIA Cameroon over the week-end. The meeting marked IIA Cameroon’s effective restart after over three years of lull. “The low profile we kept was prompted by financial difficulties that have since been resolved as we had to restructure the institute,” Hiol pointed out.

Activities to re-launch IIA Cameroon include setting up a taskforce to review all statutory instruments as well as familiarisation with instruments governing the Global Institute of Internal Auditors. IIA Cameroon Board Chairman, Dr. Cornelius Chi Asafor, indicated that experience has shown that where the role of internal auditors is neglected, embezzlement and mismanagement have been on the increase – both in the public or private sectors.





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