Energy, Water Resources: Brazil, Israel Offer Assistance

This was discussed during two separate audiences granted to their Ambassadors, by the Minister of Energy and Water Resources on February 18, 2019.

Brazil and Israel have expressed the wish to assist Cameroon improve her water and energy sectors. This was during two separate audiences granted to ambassadors Vivian Loss Sanmatin of Brazil and Ran Gidor of Israel, by the Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Gaston Eloundou Essomba.

Speaking after the audience, Vivian Loss, who was first to be received said their discussions centered on development projects in the energy sector, since Brazil has great potentials in this domain. She equally highlighted the specific energy fields in which Brazil can assist Cameroon, notably the development of biomass, bio-energy, solar energy and the building of power dams.

“We have many companies that can come to Cameroon, see their level of development, their needs and propose more practical solutions on how to develop the fields I sited”, she mentioned. The Israeli Ambassador, on his part, accompanied by a delegation of three investors said they discussed on three projects geared towards ameliorating and utilizing available resources for developmental projects in the energy and water sectors.

The first proposal from “Blue Power” company on solar energy is aimed at harnessing and optimizing solar energy to suit the needs of the consumer, making it economical and less wasteful. The second proposal was home biogas, (converting organic waste like house hold refuse and excreta into clean cooking gas) This, the Ambassador says is a life chan ging solution for countless families and farmers worldwide.

The third proposal was NUF filtration, a portable, reliable and affordable water purifier. This equipment provides a unique solution, aimed at supplying high quality drinkable water from heavily polluted sources by means of simple unit, operated without the need of any electrical power or che mical additives.

A representative of NUFFILTRATION Company explained that, “nufiltration collects used dialyzers from dialysis centers, sterilizes them according to the strictest standards and then installs them in an engineered unit. These units are able to filtrate and purify water at the highest standards”.



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