Cosmetic Products: Gov’t To Curb Importation

The Ministry of Trade held a meeting in Yaounde with local manufacturers on February 25, 2019.

The Ministry of Trade is extending to the cosmetics industry government efforts to promote the ‘Made in Cameroon’ label. In that regard, Minister Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana held a meeting with manufacturers of cosmetic products in Yaounde on February 25 in view of promoting the local industry and reducing importation. He gave the companies four weeks to draw up an inventory of brands of locally made cosmetic products and the quantity produced by each company.

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This he said, will enable government determine the exact products that need to be barred from entering the country. Representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development reite rated the importance of reliable statistical data on the sector. They said a sound fiscal policy and imports embargo on cosmetic products can only be possible if decisions are taken based on the realities on the ground.

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Minister Mbarga Atangana warned against unhealthy competition in the sector and advised companies to work together to meet local demand and export to countries in the Central African sub-region in the near future. He vowed to promote cosmetic products made in Cameroon and urged producers to pay special attention to the health of the public and consumption patterns and practise economic patriotism. “The world moved to an era of liberalism and globalisation in the past. Now countries are going back to protectionism.

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Everyone is well aware of the slogan, ‘America First.’ So there is nothing wrong for us to promote economic patriotism,” Minister Mbarga Atangana stated. Meanwhile the President of the Cameroon Consumers league, Delor Magellan Kamseu, complained that the major players in the sector do not respect norms and quality standards, failing to lead smaller companies in the right direction. He faulted the companies for importing raw materials which are available on the local market, bottling and distributing fake products and attempting to import products which have been banned in countries like France.

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