Elig-Edzoa Market: Fire Razes Over 200 Shops

The cause of the incident which took place during the early hours of March 4, 2019 is yet to be known.

Traders of the Elig-Edzoa Market in Yaounde are still in shock after discovering that fire has destroyed a great portion of the market during the early hours of Monday, March 4, 2019. Eye witness account tells Cameroon Tribune (CT) the fire outbreak started at about 11:00 p.m on Sunday March 3.

It was only after the intervention of four different teams of Fire Fighters Brigade, that the fire was brought under control at 3:00 a.m on Monday March 4. According to an eye witness, Joseph Touko Mouaha, the fire outbreak started on a small scale.

But because the market is constructed with wood, the fire quickly moved from one shop to another. The first team of the Fire Fighters Brigade could not extinguish the fire due to its intensity. It was only after the intervention with water from four Fire Fighters Brigade trucks that the fire was brought under control.

Joseph Touko Mouaha said some brave boys had to climb up the roof of shops that were near the fire and destroyed them, in a bid to stop the fire from spreading further. It is at this point that the fire fighters could effectively use water to quench the fire. But before the fire was put out, over 200 shops had been destroyed.

Amongst which was a cold store, tailoring workshops, a warehouse of over 600 bags of second-hand dresses, warehouses of groundnuts and maize as well as milling machines and hair dressing shops.

Joseph Touko Mouaha says all their efforts to rescue goods from shops that where near the fire were in vain because, not only were such items stolen by thieves, the fire eventually extended and met the items where they had been kept.

One of the victims, who had her tailoring workshop and four new machines destroyed by the fire could not stand the shock and immediately collapsed upon arrival at the market yesterday morning.

Another eye witness, Jean Bernard Njolo told CT that this is the fourth time the same portion of the Elig-Edzoa market is being consumed by fire.



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