Batchenga - Tibati Road: Work On Track

Stretch one (Batchenga- Ntui) of the 380.1kmlong Batchenga-NtuiYoko-Lena-Tibati highway has been executed at 40.17 per cent and the entire project is expected to be completed by 2020

Agiant 400m-long bridge over the River Sanaga at Natchigal is fast taking shape, Cameroon Tribune has observed. This was during a three-day inspection visit of construction works on the National Road No. 15 - Batchenga-Ntui-YokoLena-Tibati – by the Minister of Public Works, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, in the company of the Secretary of State in the Minister of Public Works in charge of Roads, Armand Ndjodom.

While on a stopover at the bridge project site, Monday March 4, 2019, Minister Nganou Djoumessi appreciated the work that has been done so far on the bridge by Razel BEC Group/Razel Cameroun. He also lau ded the company for renovating the existing ferry on the river and making it all-time usable.

As of February 2019, Stretch one of the National Road No. 15, from Batchenga in the Lekie Division to Ntui in the Mbam& Kim Division, covering 21.3 km had been executed at 40.17 per cent, officials noted. Work on the stretch entails the tarring of the road; 7m wide, 5 cm in thickness (bitumen), 1.5m shoulders and side walk. Nganou Djoumessi promised to provide immediate solutions to hurdles which impede the progress of work. Amongst them was the non-liberation of certain project sites over the delayed payment of indemnities. He said procedures will be urgently engaged to allow for the payment of compensations by cheques so as to cause the locals to free project sites in order to speed up works.

The Minister also reiterate that all peripheral projects like schools, urban roads, hospitals, town halls, boreholes, amongst others, incorporated in the project will be executed. As the Minister and his team proceeded on the inspection visit, he noticed that work of Stretch two (Ntui-Mankim) measuring 96.7km of the National Road No. 15 had not evolved as expected, two years after. Preparatory works by the construction firm ElevolutionEngenharia S.A (Elevo) is said to stand at 22.38 per cent and the installation of the firm’s base at 16.67 per cent.

Total execution rate stands at just 4.56 per cent. “The mobilisation of the construction firm is not good at all. The company is not doing well. This is an unfortunate situation,” the Minister frowned. He then suspended Elevo from Stretch two and asked the company to concentrate its efforts on Stretch three (Mankim-Yoko). A new company will be contracted to catch up with work on Stretch two



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