Crisis In NW, SW Regions: Partners Urged To Support Peace Measures


The eldest Member of the National Assembly, Hon. Enow Tanjong made the appeal on March 12, 2019 as he chaired the opening plenary sitting of the March Ordinary session of the House.

The eldest Member of the National Assembly, Hon. Enow Tanjong focused on the raging socio-political crisis in the North West and South West Regions as he chaired the opening plenary sitting of the March ordinary session of Parliament for the 2019 legislative year on March 12, 2019. The session has come within the backdrop of voices raised on several instances to denounce the violation of human rights in tacking the crisis.

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Taking the arson in the Kumba District Hospital as tip of the iceberg in some of the worse atrocities committed by the secessionist fighters, the eldest member of the National Assembly who is heading the provisional bureau addressed a solidarity message to the international community. “Your excellencies, Ambassadors and Representatives of international organisations, you who are privileged witnesses of Cameroon’s efforts, may I through you appeal for the international community’s solidarity, understanding and objectivity in the handling of the crisis in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.”

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After outlining a series of measures and initiatives government has taken to resolve the crisis and bring back peace to the two restive English-speaking regions, Hon. Enow Tanjong declared, “I request our bilateral and multilateral partners to support these measures and initiatives. I am convinced that by so doing, they will contribute to put a final end to the crisis.” Members of the National Assembly on their part, he said, should encourage all meaningful initiatives for peace. Hon. Enow Tanjong also expressed the satisfaction of the National Assembly for the resumption of the crusade to fight against the embezzlement of public funds and corruption dubbed “Operation Sparrow Hawk.”

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He said the fight is a necessary action, a moral hygiene action. He stated that, “At the time Cameroon is resolutely embarked on the path to emergence, embezzlement of public funds is real danger, a major obstacle to the advancement of the ongoing process and an impediment to the implementation of the policy of Great Opportunities.”

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The March 2019 ordinary ses sion of Parliament equally comes after the cabinet reshuffle of January 4, 2019 that saw the appointment of Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute as the new Prime Minister, Head of Government. Indeed, Prime Minister Dion Ngute led cabinet ministers to the National Assembly for the opening plenary sitting.

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The chairing eldest member of the House used the occasion to congratulate Prime Minister Dion Ngute and the entire government. He reassured that the National Assembly will strive more than ever before to consolidate the great harmony that has always existed between members of government and parliamentarians. The session also opened on a sad note as the chair announ ced the passing away of two MPs, Hon Pierre Sende of the UPC from Nyong et Kelle Constituency in the Centre Region and Hon. Abba Malla Boubar of the CPDM MP from Mayo-Sava Constituency in the Far North Region.

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