South West : Technical College Students Display Knowhow

Students of Government Technical High School (GTHS) Molyko joined by all technical colleges in Fako Division have celebrated their 2019 Open Door Day chaired by South West Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai. The occasion that unfolded at GTHS school premises was marked by choral singing, award of prizes and display of art work. The Governor and guests were led through the Woodwork, Plumbing, Moto Mechanics, Building Construction, Dress Making, Forestry Departments etc. Items like chairs, tables, driers, dresses, electrical connection, automatic fowl drinking foundation, bricks, flower gardens, gastronomy etc were displayed to the admiration of the public. They told the Governor that they are en march to vision 2035.

The Principal of the college, Dr. Lyonga John Efande indicated that a qualitative technical education is advantageous. That graduates will be self-employed at the end of their studies, they will create jobs for others and there will be a sound technological and, economic development. To better achieve this, he expressed the need for improved modern workshops in Electricity, Building Construction, Woodwork, Industrial Chemistry, Computer Laboratory and a workshop for accountants.

The need for more trained teachers in Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Technicians in departments like Moto Mechanics, building Construction, Woodwork was presented to the Governor. “We will do better if provided with manpower and other recommendable output,” he indicated. South West Governor applauded brave teachers, students and education authorities who defied threats and generalise insecurity imposed on them by what he termed bad Samaritans. He stated that the main objective of the Open Door Day is to evaluate the prowess of technical schools, detect talent in students and give them an opportunity to showcase their creativity to the public.

The Open Door Day was heavily attended by hundreds of pupils from many primary schools. Dr Lyonga said that the event presented an opportunity for them to arouse the interest of the pupils into technical education.



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