Douala 11: 2018 Administrative Account Adopted

The council is more determined to foster the development of the Municipality.

Councilors of Douala II have reiterated their determination to promote the development of their municipality. This was during the ordinary council session which was aimed at adopting the 2018 administrative account of the council that took place on Thursday March 28, 2019. A few months to the end of their mandate, the councillors agreed to work tirelessly for the good of the Douala II area.

They thank the mayor for instituting the cleanup campaign competition amongst quarters. To them it has helped to keep the various quarters clean as they all strive to keep their environment clean. For the Mayor of the Douala II council Denise Fampou it was high time councillors put hands on deck to work for the common good of the municipality. While enumerating some achievements of the council she said the council has been on a right footing but for the fact that the revenue collection has dropped.

She added that the council has intensified its fight against urban disorder. While counting their blessings, Denise Fampou made it known that the Douala II council has carryout repair works on roads in the municipality, construct three class rooms and provision of benches and tables to Camp Bertaut, Government school Youpwe just to name a few.

She insisted that despite government actions to provide didactic materials to schools, the council is also providing school needs to some schools in the municipality. She recounted that the council has also embarked in a process of equipping the new council’s hall. So far some of the things bought to equip the hall are 50 computers, 800 chairs and tables, security gadgets, acquisition of generators just to name a few. At the end of the session the councillors adopted the sum of CFA 231.573.372 as against CFA 303.400.646 in 2017.

The drop in was accounted to the fact that the council was yet to receive subventions from the government. The SDO for Wouri, Mache Njouonwet Joseph Bertrand who chaired the administrative council session congratulated the councilors for their sense of maturity during the celebrations.

He used the opportunity to clear the air on the controversy surrounding the construction of Marché Congo. He urged the councilors to put aside their political colors and work for the development of the Douala II municipality.



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