"FESTAC Is Festival with A Difference"

Motanga Andrew Monjimba, Government Delegate to the Limbe Urban Council and organiser of the Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture.

What is the motivation behind the organization of Limbe FESTAC?

The motivation behind this event is just the idea of living together. I think that like a people, we should be able to share our coexistence, our cohabitation and harmonious living together, we thought that we should manifest it through festivity and we came up with the idea of organising a festival that will include everybody living in the town of Friendship which is Limbe.

What is the dimension of the Limbe FESTAC?

It even include citizens of neighouring countries like Benin, Nigeria and Ghana who showcase their culture. We can say Limbe for one week is Africa in miniature. We have many festivals in Cameroon but the Limbe FESTAC is festival with a difference. The difference lies in the fact that all other festivals in Cameroon are based on tribal bases. I have nothing against those festivals though. But it's worth pointing out that they are based on ethnic foundations. I will name the Ngondo, the Lela, the Ngouon etc and they go with the people who organise them. But Limbe FESTAC is different from all of that. It cuts across all the four cultural regions of Cameroon. It does not only go with dances, it goes with gastronomy.

Having assembled all these tribes together, what has been the material and human resources invested?

A lot of human and material resources have been put in place to have this festival to be what it is today. I will use this platform to invite stakeholders like big commercial houses to not hesitate to give a helping hand for us to push this event to look bigger than what it is today. The innovation of this year is the tombola. With FCFA 1,000, one can win a Yaris lounge car that is worth FCFA 15 million with many other mouth-watering prizes.

What has been the result of the past events?

Every year, Limbe FESTAC presents a new face that makes it look bigger and better than the previous editions. Today 2019 is not in any way to be compared with what was in 2018 which was equally a big success. Today, people can easily forget about 2018 and think in reality this year's event looks bigger and better.



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