Family Farms: 267 Million FCFA For Improving Productivity

ACEFA recently handed over cheques to 34 production organisations and 36 motorbikes to trainers.


The Programme for the Improvement of Competitiveness of Family Agro-pastoral Farms, ACEFA, has given out cheques worth 267 million FCFA to 34 Common Initiative Groups (CIGS) in the Moungo and the Sanaga Maritime Divisions of Littoral Region. The programme also offered over 36 motorcycles and two pick-up vans to Agricultural Advisers. Project financing by ACEFA, a project of the Ministries of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries, and Agriculture and Rural Development, is aimed at augmenting productivity, thereby improving family incomes among smallholders.

Presiding at the ceremony, the Regional Delegate of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries, Dr Saleu René, expressed hope that with the equipment and money, production will improve and poverty strangled. He noted that this was government’s contribution towards development and enjoined beneficiaries to use the money for what it is intended. To the Agricultural Advisers who received bikes and two pick-up vans, the Regional Delegate of Agriculture and Rural Development, Konde Jean Claude, cautioned th...



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