Good Governance & Democracy: Cameroon, Northern Ireland Share Ideas

The Chief Commissioner of the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland and the President of the Cameroon Bar Council on April 11 exchanged views on how to improve the rule of law.

Adelegation from Northern Ireland on a working visit to Cameroon has held a session with the President of the Bar Council on promoting good governance and the rule of law. Led by the Chief Commissioner of the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland, Michael Wardlow, they discussed with the Cameroon Bar President, Barrister Tchakouté Patié Charles on aspects of human rights, legislation and public service accountability.

Speaking to the press after the working session, the Irish Commissioner said he held talks with the Bar President assisted by other members of the Bar Council on supporting Cameroon in promoting good governance. “We are here tied together with the British High Commission and with the West Minster Foundation for Democracy to have a dis cussion on how to help Cameroon in delivering good governance policies through the process of decentralisation,” Wardlow explained.

While noting that he had a very good and robust sharing of experience discussion, Michael Wardlow said he has observed from his meetings with different personalities the passion to facilitate access to public service by everybody. “I think that the main thing I have observed is the general desire that people want things to be better and that’s great because all over the world today, there is the lack of trust in public services, not just in Cameroon but all over the world,” he stated.

The Bar President, Barrister Tchakouté Patié Charles in his statement said besides discussing issues of human rights, governance and justice, the Irish delegation brought the experience of ombudsman (a public protector against mismana gement or bad governance) “The delegation brought to us the experience of ombudsman, which does not exist in Cameroon.

In some countries like Northern Ireland, it is a body which citizens direct some grievances concerning the State and ombudsman will see how to solve it maybe by recommendations or lobbying,” the seasoned legal mind explained. Barrister Tchakouté Patié Charles said the delegation hoping to see how Cameroon can implement such an initiative already met with the Prime Minister.



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