Ties That Bind

If love and the craving for growth were not the ingredients of unity, geopolitical units and associations would be difficult, if not impossible to manage. Greed and tribalism would reign as solidarity wears off and disintegration creeps in. In the case of a geopolitical unit which emerges as a nation with one flag, one currency and government, it is vital to protect the forces of genuine unity.

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This makes us different from animals, the lower creation of God, call Him Yaweh or Allah. Unfortunately, despite this rationale, we are often tempted to yield to weaknesses that set us apart when we ought to be working together to minimize, or manage effectively differences that tear us apart.

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Such problems, worst of all socio-political crises, keep us confronting each other when we ought to be cooperating to reap the fruits of tolerance, understanding and solidarity. Yet, genuine elements of unity portray not only social maturity, but also spiritual and political affluence. These indeed are the ties that bind, communities, regions, nations and international organisations. Regrettably, what our beloved country, Cameroon, is today going through does not portray the spirit of fraternal love, and solidarity, demonstrated in 1961 when compatriots west of the Mungo opted for a reunion, in preference to integration with a neighbouring country.

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Who doubts the political pride this brought us and the rest of Africa? Fortunately, most Cameroonians are aware of this enviable attribute and crave to preserve it despite the misdeeds of sadists, and unpatriotic kindred. In this light, the challenge for those, conscious of the pains which the socio-political crisis in the Northwest and Southwest regions have al ready cost us, (and could escalate, if genuine love for unity does not alter the trend) should cooperate to reinstate peace, needed for development. We must say NO to costly differences, and YES to genuine love which can stall sadism and the misdeeds that have kept our children away from school, sent innocent compatriots to untimely graves, and tarnished to some extent the image of our country. The impossible, is said not be Cameroonian.

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What a challenge for us to give this saying some sense in the solution of the present socio- political crisis that is making many people wonder what has suddenly changed the minds of peace-loving, intelligent and dynamic Cameroonians! The problems in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon, those in the Adamawa and East regions of our country can be resolved, if handled with, love, dynamism, prudence, prayers, and genuine cooperation.

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Besides, our friends at home and abroad are deeply concerned about the need for us to maintain, peace and unity which we need for cooperation and development. The preservation of unity and sustenance of its ingredients are as important as peace is to international cooperation and development. We do not lack the ways and means to sustain these ties that bind.

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