Belt and Road Initiative: Impressive International Cooperation By China

Dr. Salomon Eheth, Director of International Relations Institute of Cameroon (IRIC) writes to Chinese officials in appreciation of the policy.

“I would like to share with you my feelings on this initiative taken by President Xi Ping and the authorities of the People's Republic of China.

IRIC is a diplomatic academy devoted to teaching and research. It is also an observatory of international relations that closely follows the evolution of international events, and it is in this capacity that IRIC is very interested in the policy of developing international cooperation that China is deploying in the world and particularly in Africa.

IRIC's analysis of China's international cooperation across the Silk Road is greatly impressive.

This major forum, which is currently being held in China and which brings together many countries from around the world, including African countries, is a firm commitment by President Xi Ping to develop international cooperation based on a theory of the interdependence of States. This approach, which for us contributes to respecting the sovereignty of States by emphasizing international solidarity for a prosperous and just world. We welcome the Beijing meeting, which I hope will be in line with the last China/Africa summit, which led to a vast programme of cooperation between China and African countries

I would like to point out that the last summit saw the participation of Cameroon represented by President Paul Biya and many structuring projects in Cameroon are being carried out by China.

IRIC students are very interested in cooperation with China and are closely following the activities currently taking place in Beijing. IRIC's wish is that this cooperation be strengthened to the benefit of both peoples and that all nations benefit from the development policy through the Silk Road.”



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