Labour’s Dignity

The first day of May which was designated some 130 years ago by socialists as an international holiday for workers is today celebrated worldwide in honour of the labour force. On this day, workers in various domains of service celebrate and express the need for improved conditions of work while their employers respond with appreciation and make pledges in response to demands made. All this is aimed at getting the best from people by making them feel important through provision of their needs. But what makes labour worthy of the dignity it deserves? Dignity from labour, however, depends on who does what, when and how?

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This dignity does not only stem from motivation by employers, but also from the scenario in which it is exerted. Consequently, it is important for employers to be concerned about the needs of employees, and about the scenario which triggers and sustains the spirit of duty-consciousness, and assiduity in the execution of tasks.

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Besides, competence and assiduous output which guarantee the satisfaction expected by the employees and employers, is a serene environment. But we cannot boast of this if there is no peace whose ingredient is patriotism, expected of citizens who love themselves and what they do to earn a living. For, in a state that is stable, law abiding and committed to the needs of its people, these virtues are paramount.

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Duty-consciousness and assiduity in the performance of tasks are the components of peace and development no nation can afford to undermine.

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Regrettably, this year’s International Labour day in Cameroon is being commemorated when some of our compatriots cannot share a meal or drink in a home they sacrificed to construct, farmers in some parts of the country cannot work in their farms, shops do not open throughout the week and children are not in their classrooms. What a shock that these unpleasant surprises have been caused by our failure to demonstrate genuine love to ourselves and compatriots! How concerned are we to see the Cameroon Development Cooperation (CDC), PAMOL, WADA, MIDENOR and other cooperation’s remain the economic assets with the “goods” they used to deliver?

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What socio-political sins have we committed against each other in this beautiful triangle of ours that we cannot weather the present storms? How tolerant are we towards each other? To reinstate the peaceful scenario highly demanded for efficient and effective labour in our beloved country, we need to love ourselves, our compatriots, our communities and the nation at large. This love demands selfless commitment to stewardship in our various domains of service.

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As we celebrate this year’s International Labour Day, let us bear in mind its main theme of justice, security and peace in whatever we undertake to give meaning to life on earth. Without this principle, there would be no dignity in labour. For, there is no dignity of labour without respect for the labourer, and no respect for the labourer without respect for life and the nation.

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