Security Gadgets Vogue in Douala

Many homes, offices and cars are equipped with anti-graft security gadgets.

Owing to the prevailing security situation in the country, many individuals and companies are resorting to security gadgets to ensure their security. The quest for security gadgets has given rise to a new kind of business as some people are specialized in the sale and installation of security gadgets. The gadgets range from security cameras to scanners passing through panoramic bulbs and anti-intrusion electric cameras or alarm systems.

According to Njomo Patrick, the most highly solicited appliances are security cameras and hand scanners. The security cameras are solicited mostly by offices, hotels and private security companies as well as some well to do homes. However he said with the advent of panoramic bulbs which serve as light bulbs, security cameras and alarm, the market for security cameras has dropped as most people prefer to buy but the panoramic bulb. A panoramic bulb cost about FCFA 30.000 while the price of a security camera range from FCFA150.000 to 350.000 plus installation depending on the capacity of the camera and the connection charges.

The big standing scanners are mostly solicited by hotels and companies while the hand scanners are demanded by security companies. Njomo Patrick said at first the hand scanners were highly solicited in the northern part of the country with the outbreak of the Boko Haram mayhem especially when organizing public meetings but that trend is beginning to die down with the containment of the atrocities.

The multiplication of security gadgets in private homes and offices has greatly reduced the rate of theft or banditry in business places and offices and even when they occur, the security cameras provide valuable information to investigators. Recently in Douala, a group of bandit’s unknown to them, were filmed live as they made a holdup in a shop and made away with valuables and money. The footage of the security camera clearly identified the perpetrators of the crime easing the work of the police. It is not uncommon nowadays in Douala for someone to file a complaint about theft at his home or work side with pictures from security cameras as evidence. It is also normal practice for people to willfully submit themselves for scanning upon entering a hotel, an office or while attending a public gathering.

Besides securing buildings, there are also gadgets to prevent car theft like alarm, coded car keys and car blocking systems. Some of the appliances work with the mobile telephone such that the owner or security forces are informed instantly as the attempted theft or intrusion is taking place. This makes for rapid intervention to apprehend the bandit and save life.

Geremie Mpon, a worker with SOPECAM says the idea of a panoramic bulb which serves as a security camera, is good and is planning to install one in his house. The only handicap, he said is the cost which he finds to be very high or else many people would love to install it in their homes given the high rate of banditry in the economic capital.



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