Civilian March-Past: Pupils Portray Patriotism

The students from both primary and secondary educational establishments chanted songs and waved placards with messages of national unity.

Pupils and students of basic and secondary schools in the Mfoundi Division portrayed patriotic values in their marchpast at the May 20th Boulevard. While waving placards bearing peaceful messages and the national flag, the students chanted songs of peace and national unity as they march-past before the Head of State on May 20, 2019.

A total of 14 primary schools under the guide of 28 supervisors from seven subdivisions of the Mfoundi Division participated at the march-past which marked celebration of the 47th edition of the National Day. The placards carried by the pupils denounced drugs in schools, violence and other negative attitudes which impact the mental and physical health of young learners on campus.

What is innovative in this year’s match-past by pupils is the participation of young firefighters. They formed a square of about 144 and were dressed like actual officers of the fire-fighters brigade wearing their protective head masks. Students from secondary schools which formed the third module of the marchpast saw 15 schools participating in 15 squadrons under the guidance of 15 school guides. Each educational establishment was introduced by the national flag, a signboard and a banner on which were inscribed messages of peace in both official languages.

The different blocks of schools had educationally enriching and mind-blowing slogans highlighting the virtues of national integration, social cohesion and tolerance. They equally alternated the theme of this year’s celebration in English and French with their respective banner messages carrying messages of national and patriotic consciousness. The selected basic and secondary establishments that participated in the march-past it should be noted represented both public and private institutions.



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