Priority To Strengthened Economic Cooperation

President Paul Biya on May 22, 2019 received a Swiss entrepreneur in the presence of Ambassador Pietro Lazzeri.

Cooperation ties between Cameroon and Switzerland continue to be strengthened with the economy and the fight against unemployment in Cameroon featuring prominently. May 22, 2019 was another occasion to chart ways of fostering the cooperation ties. President Paul Biya during a Unity Palace audience, had discussions with the Chief Executive Officer of Barry Callibaut, Antoine de Saint Afrique. This is a leading world company in the cocoa sector that has been existing in Cameroon for decades.

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Ambassador Pietro Lazzeri disclosed after the discussions that his country in view of boosting growth in Cameroon and fighting against youth unemployment has projects for the professional training of youths. Security cooperation has also been growing between the two countries. The Swiss Ambassador once more reiterated the determination of his country to assist Cameroon tackle the humanitarian challenges in the ongoing socio-political tension in the North West and South Regions.

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He first made the declaration during Unity Palace talks with President Paul Biya on April 4, 2019, adding that his country supports initiatives which can lead to peace and collaborate with Cameroon in promoting ways of harnessing the country’s diversity for growth and development.

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Switzerland and Cameroon are also committed to share experiences on issues of greater national cohesion, co-existence of various cultures and ethnic groups in Cameroon. The Swiss Federal Delegate for Multiculturalism, Nicoletta Mariolini shared experiences on how to harness the country’s diversity to ensure development with Cameroon public authorities when she paid a five-day working visit to Cameroon in January 2018.

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Cameroon and Switzerland also have growing cooperation ties in the area of education. Cooperation is said to exist between the International Relations Institute of Cameroon (IRIC) and l’Institut de Hautes Etudes Internationale et de Développement de Genève. Switzerland is said to be providing support for specific NGO projects in the areas of water supply, agriculture, decentralisation and promotion of women’s rights.

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