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After chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute’s eventful outing during which Cameroonians in the North West and South west regions showcased their, love, respect and longing for unity and peace, a lot more remains to be done to give this craving its genuine meaning.

During his visit to these two regions of our country in a socio-political crisis that is fast becoming a calamity, the Prime Minister / Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute made it clear that President Biya is prepared to dialogue, in his sustained efforts to stall the ongoing crisis that robs us of our socio-economic potential, above all, human resources. But what next after the timely outing of a patriotic messenger with an awaited message from the right source? For how long shall we reflect before embarking on the practical steps for inclusive talks and action that would stall the dreadful trends that make fellow Cameroonians apparently see nothing wrong in eliminating the lives of compatriots including innocent babies, teachers, the aged, and ailing? Must we destroy ourselves and property for sociopolitical reasons? What has suddenly gone wrong with our kindred who for long have been known not only for their intelligence and peace, but also Godliness? The scenario, is indeed disturbing, but what a truth and challenge that the unacceptable trends can be redressed! They can, why not? But we must be committed at all levels. We must relinquish the retrograde state of inertia, by sizing up its socioeconomic costs and tackling fast what should be urgently done to r e i n s t a t e peace, which we direly need for cooperation and development. After creating the Ministry of Decentralisation and local Development,and appointing competent persons to run this department, the Head of State last week took another step to put in place Secretaries General of City councils that should work with other compatriots to give meaning to a decentralized administration. Effective work generates hope. What a truth! These steps should continue at all levels so that peace-loving Cameroonians can see for themselves the efforts being made to bring administration closer to the people, thus encouraging them to embrace other tenets of peace-makingand the realities of living together while enjoying the fruits of unity. Fortunately, Christians and Muslims have been praying for reinstatement of peace, love, and unity in our country. We believe that God is listening and answering our prayers. And it will not be long before we rejoice with more of our misled compatriots who will proudly declare that they were mistaken to take up against their compatriots

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