Cycling Tour of Cameroon : Competition Kicks Off Tomorrow

A total of 60 cyclists from Africa and Europe will take part in this year’s edition of the competition.

The 16th edition of the International Cycling Tour of Cameroon kicks off tomorrow June 1, 2019 in Yaounde. Organised by the Cameroon Cycling Federation (FECACYCLISME), the competition will bring together cyclists from Africa and Europe. Ahead of the competition, some delegations to take part in the race have begun arriving in the country. Officials of the International Cyclists Union (UCI) arrived in the country yesterday, Thursday May 30, 2019 including three European teams. They are Global Cycling (Holland), Matrigues Sport Cyclisme (France) and Dukla Banska Bystrica (Slovakia). The teams from Africa equally arrived in the country yesterday.  
A total of 60 cyclists will take part in the competition. According to the official programme from FECACYCLISME, an official ceremony for the presentation of teams will take place at the Independence Square in Yaounde today May 31, 2019. Eleven cyclists will represent Cameroon in the competition. Among them is Hervé Raoul Mba who will be returning to the team after two years of absence following a fracture he sustained on his leg during the 2016 Dixiades Games in Ebolowa. The first lap of the race will take place along the Akonolinga-Abong-Mbang highway; a distance of 136km. For the first time the Abong-Mbang and Nanga Eboko laps have been included in the competition. 



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