Citizen Movement: Party Celebrates National Martyrs

This was during the commemoration of the 69th anniversary of the day of martyrs celebrated every May 25.

The Citizen Movement party (THE CIMO) on May 26, 2019 celebrated national heroes who in the course of their lifetime promoted and defended values of unity and nationalism. The party in together with the Patriotic Alliance noted that they were celebrating the martyrs for the positive aspects they left to be copied by other Cameroonians as concerns nation building and the acceptance of difference political views.

In the course of the event, they equally presented proposed solutions to the ongoing Anglophone crisis, stating in their flyer that a general and unconditional ceasefire and the release of all political prisoners should be amongst. Titled ‘Solutions to the Anglophone crisis according to the Patriotic Alliance’, they suggested the creation of democratic transition and general and unconditional amnesty.

Highlighting on the reason for the celebration of national heroes irrespective of their political affiliations, the President of THE CIMO, Pr Yimgaing Moyo Théophile, who equally double as Vice President of the Patriotic Alliance (an alliance consisting five political parties and association), said martyrs cannot be forgotten too given the role they played in promoting African values and principles during their sojourn on earth.

“Some of our national heroes like Um Nyombe, Ernest Ouandié, Felix Moumie, EML Endeley and John Ngu Foncha amongst others are not only national known but equally internationally recognised. Their importance to their nation cannot be waved away, reason why our curriculum incorporates our history which teachers our students about our national heroes. They serve as an inspiration to us,” he stated.

Pr Yimgaing Moyo Théophile, said together with his party sympathisers, they are planning on embarking on field visits to touch base with the grassroots and sensitise them on national and patriotic values. 0fficails of the party noted that they all strive to be martyrs in their political activities and individual levels, in order to serve as models to the younger population.



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