Renovation of Yaounde Conference Centre: Senate Activities Unperturbed

Although the offices of the Senate have been relocated elsewhere, the Conference Centre still plays host to the plenary sittings.


 Business in the Senate is going on uninterrupted despite renovation works to give the Yaounde Congress Centre a facelift. Though all other services of the Senate have been relocated, the House maintains the Conference Centre for plenary sittings and committee deliberations. When CT visited the Yaounde Conference Centre yesterday November 15, 2016, it was a construction site as usual, with ongoing renovation which Cameroon Tribune learnt is above 60 per cent gone.

The noise from different angles of the edifice could be heard in the hall that serves as the House Chamber of the Senate. However, a staff of the Yaounde Congress Centre attested that whenever the Senate is sitting, work momentarily halts to enable them work in serenity.

A few support staff of the Senate who were at the Conference Centre on Tuesday morning to prepare a plenary sitting that was to hold later in the day, confirmed that the Senate’s activities were going on unperturbed. In an earlier article published in Cameroon Tribune just before the start of the November Session, the Director General of the Yaounde Conference Centre, Christophe Mien Zok assured that the Senate will be given the necessary space and facilities to function at the usual site.




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