Bioethics: Cameroon To Celebrate First Edition

“Human Dignity and Human Rights” has been chosen as theme.


The first World Bioethics Day (WBD) to be celebrated in Africa and particularly Cameroon, organised by the African Bioethics Chair based  in Yaoundé, comes up on November 19, 2016, on the  theme, “Human Dignity and Human Rights.” The event will be organised in two phases. The first phase involving sensitization in some private and public universities will run for one week.

The second phase will run for two days and will be a national forum, organised to highlight the different platforms of ethics and bioethics, and how to implement these tools to ensure that justice and bioethics are practised in Cameroon. Instruments and tools will be tested for implementation, and will be divided according to various sectors. The effectiveness of these tools will be evaluated on the World Bioethics Day.

According to the President and Chairman of the Steering Committee, Prof. Pierre Effa, “Bioethics simply means the protection and enhancement of life.” He also points out the relevance of the celebration to the economic development of Cameroon by saying, “When a people are developed, there is room for tolerance, dialogue and development of values because you work for collective good.”  “In the Western World, human dignity is the supreme value, but for Africans, the supreme value is life,” Prof. Effa.

While awaiting an approved date from the government for the commencement of activities to commemorate this year’s celebration, a plan has been drawn, with activities like the organisation of conferences and students competing for the best posters, essays and articles on this year’s theme. All this is to arouse public interest in the principles and values of ethics and bioethics, said Doh Gilbert Mdeh, medical virologist and member of African Bioethics Chair, Yaoundé.




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