Nord - Ouest et Sud - Ouest: les vertus du dialogue

Prof. Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, Political Scientist.

Le Premier ministre, chef du gouvernement, Joseph Dion Ngute s’est rendu au début du mois dernier dans les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest en vue d’y rencontrer les forces vives et les populations locales. Il y est arrivé, porteur d’un message de paix et surtout d’une offre de dialogue inclusif de la part du président de la République en vue de trouver des solutions qui permettent définitivement aux populations de ces régions de retrouver une vie normale. Une proposition qui traduit la constante disponibilité du chef de l’Etat à ouvrir des discussions avec toutes les bonnes sensibilités depuis le début de cette crise. A côté de cette proposition présidentielle, du reste très appréciée sur le terrain, si l’on en juge par l’engouement suscité par le message transmis par le chef du gouvernement, sont nées d’autres initiatives du côté de la société civile. Cameroon Tribune a approché des universitaires à l’instar du Pr. Elvis Ngolle Ngolle qui analysent l’importance de la main tendue du président de la République par ailleurs saluée aujourd’hui par les partenaires et amis du Cameroun.

Prof, there has been much talk for a dialogue to be organised. How do you appreciate the desire for dialogue to get Cameroon out of the current crisis in the North West and South West Regions?

It is true there has been much talk about dialogue to be organised in order to solve the crisis and why not the problems in the North West and South West Regions. The reasons are clear. First, the people of both regions are so much affected by the crisis and its terrible consequences (loss of human lives, destruction of public and private properties, displacements of thousands of people out of their homes, villages and towns creating internally displaced persons, refugees and bush residents, a breakdown of  the educational establishments and stoppage of school attendance, sexual abuse and sexual enslavement of adolescent and teenage girls, kidnappings and killings of security and civilian populations, destruction of economic structures and other infrastructures and generalised social strife and fear). The people of the North West and South West Regions in their rationality, common sense and love of country are tired of violence generalised destruction, loss of life and property. All they want now is peace through dialogue. The people know that the best road to peace is dialogue and not violence. The people support the Head of State’s dialogue initiative and the whole world supports dialogue among Cameroonians in Cameroon. The Head of State has committed himself and the government to dialogue as the preferred method to achieve peace in both regions. It is in the interest of all in the two regions to make that dialogue succeed by dropping the arms, getting out of the bushes, stopping the kidnappings and killings and availing everyone to contribute to the dialogue. Anyone against dialogue is an enemy of peace.

The Head of State has been taking measures to tackle the situation. As a political scientist and analyst, do you think those measures are part of the dialogue Cameroonians want?

The battery of measures the Head of State and his government have taken so far are laudable and powerful. The list of these measures speak volumes as to the President’s recognition of the problems in the affected regions and his commitment to solving the problems. Political science teaches us that political problems get solved when the political leaders and actors working with other stakeholders make political decisions or take political measures that go to satisfy the problems as raised. The Head of State’s battery of measures are a political package of solutions designed to provide political solutions to the problems raised. Given his manifested willingness to achieve peace through dialogue, the Head of State counts on all Cameroonians in the two regions and even in the other eight regions to join him in his dialogue option for peace. Our nation is blessed, let no one be fooled into believing that they can destroy that blessing. The good news is that the Head of State is a leader of peace and dialogue and the whole world wishes him success in his leadership.

There are several civil society organisations and organised groups that have been expressing their desire to contribute. What should be expected of them as contribution towards a return to normalcy in the two regions?

It is good to see that several NGOs and civil society groups have offered to contribute to peace through the dialogue option. That is a healthy sign for the nation. It shows that the State collaborates with non-state actors who are actually stakeholders in nation/state building. Every state needs the collaboration of non-state actors such as churches, NGOs, professional and trade union associations, traditional and cultural or religious groups. That is the corporate relationship of citizens and the State no matter the type of political system or regime. Civil society groups playing their citizen role because civil society groups are citizen based associations or organisations, can contribute in terms of positive ideas educational activities, consultations with the State and other actors. They can also offer themselves as participants in the daily national debate serving as a moderating influence and calming passions which are human. Civil society is indeed the indispensable companion of the State in nation building for peace. They can’t afford to escape from this responsibility in our country especially at this crucial moment in the history of our young nation. The nation is an equation of which everyone is an inherent element no one can afford to escape from it unless they denounce their citizenship status. As the nation equation now stands, we are all Cameroonians, we shall live and die Cameroonian.

How would you appreciate the enthusiasm that accompanied the PM’s visit to the North West and South West Regions?

The PM’s visit to the North West and South West Regions was a great success and a great signal of hope. The visit was couched in simplicity, humility, humanity and brotherhood. It was fraternal and reflected the Head of State’s goodwill towards the North West and South West Regions and his recognition and appreciation of the problems the people face. The visit also heralded the Head of State’s commitment and determination to bring peace to the two regions through dialogue and not violence. Let all those in the bushes come out. Let the kidnappings and killings stop, let the destruction stop, let the people feel secured once again. Let there be peace again as has always been, let our founding fathers have a course to smile in their graves. Let us all in our patriotism join the peace through dialogue initiative of the Head of State and accompany him to lead our nation to the great destiny that awaits her. Let there be the Cameroon of love, mutual trust and love of the fatherland. And let the glory be that of God Almighty



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