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The Cameroon National Assembly and the Senate began sitting this week having been convened for the second session of the legislative year, 2019. This comes up when our country gets set for the organisation of legislative, regional and municipal elections. Besides these important polls, Cameroon faces the crucial task of reinstating peace in the North West and South West regions, where compatriots have been robbed of peace since 2016. What an unpleasant surprise!

The socio-political crisis responsible for this loss of peace, has been so devastating that Prime Minister/Head of government, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute lost no time to visit this two troubled regions, talk to the people, and share with them the rationale of coming together to iron out differences and seek solutions. Regrettably, this crisis has caused fellow Cameroonians to take up arms against each other, resulting in the loss of lives and property. What a challenge to alter the trend!

Still very fresh in our minds, the visits of Prime Minister/Head of Government, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute, to the two affected regions were timely and eventful. During this hope-raising mission, the traditional ruler, administrator, politician, and intellectual, proved to his compatriots that it pays to be humble, and affectionate. The reinstatement of peace demands these virtues from a leader who is committed to the needs of his people and future of the nation.

“Since the market cannot come to me in my hotel room, I must come out to meet the people myself” the PM declared in Bamenda. What a soul-wining gesture! We cannot solve problems of mutual benefits while sitting apart.

Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute’s craving for peace, unity, love and fatherly appeal for the misled to come out of the bushes and join in nation building was preached not only in Bamenda, in the North West, but also in Buea, Kumba and Limbe in the South west. The deeply concerned PM, harped on the importance of peace which we need for our unity and development.

But after this timely and eventful outing by the Head of Government, what next? Citizens, institutions, non-governmental organisations, the churches and our legislatures should assume their responsibilities and contribute effectively to what we need to forge ahead.

Members of Government, our elected representatives in the National Assembly and the Senate, administrators and managers with fellow Cameroonians must be alive in their roles, when it concerns the unity of our country, and what must be done to reinstate peace and unity at all levels.

The ingredients of this peace demand corporate action to end the crisis in the North West and south west regions besides the restoration of peace in the Adamawa and Far North regions.

After the eventful outing of the PM/Head of Government, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute, and the soul-searching messages spelt out, Cameroonians should sit up and work hard to stall the ongoing crisis and reinstate peace which we direly need for genuine unity, progress happy living together.



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