12 Trucks Arrive In South West With Supplies

From the Regional Headquarter, Buea, the items were dispatched to the seats of all the six divisions

Some 12 trucks full with humanitarian assistance destined for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) caused by the social upheavals affecting the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon have arrived in Buea on June 14, 2019 at 9 pm. The items piloted by staff of the Department of Civil Protection in the Ministry of Territorial Administration comprised 2,000 buckets of 15 litres each, 28 large piles of blankets, 575 bags of rice of 25 kg each, 240 cartoons of soap and over 500 mattresses.

The items were received in Buea by the Secretary General at the South West Governor’s Office, Dr. Mohamadou. He told Cameroon Tribune that the consignment was the largest since the advent of relief aid in the region owing to the crisis. He indicated that the Minister of Territorial Administration had specified that more of such material will continue to be put at the disposal of IDPs. On Saturday June 15, 2019, the on ward movement of the relief aid to the six divisions of the South West started from the South West Governor’s Office at 2 pm. Three Trucks left for Limbe (headquarter of Fako Division) and Mundemba seat of Ndian Division.

The rest nine of the vehicles headed to Kumba, chief town of Meme Division. From there, the quantities for Manyu, Kupe Muanenguaba and Lebialem Divisions will be separated and transmitted. Colonel Eyenga Severin of the 21st Motorised Infantry Battalion in Buea detailed that all the items rea ched Buea safe and intact. That he has as mission to convey the materials to the local administrative authorities in the entire region.

The Coordinator of the Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Centre for the South West, Mayani Apane Stevy, expressed satisfaction for having the humanitarian relief aid in the region. He pointed out that the distribution to be effected by Senior Divisional Officers and Divisional Officers will certainly start next week but the administrators are to slate a date for that in their respective jurisdictions.



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