Sports Infrastructure: Japoma Stadium Ready for Competition

The declaration was made by the project manager for Yenigun during the Governor’s inspection visit on June 20, 2019.

The Japoma stadium is now ready for competition. Indeed according to the project manager for Yenigun, the stadium was ready for competition since June 15 since they were working in the perspective of a football match which was to take place in the stadium on June 15. Speaking during an inspection visit by the Governor of the Littoral Region who doubles as president of the local organising committee, Zeki Bozkurt said work on the stadium is completed by 99.95 per cent and only minor finishing touches were left. He said the green turf on the main stadium and the two annex stadiums have been completed as well as roofing, electrification of the edifice, seats affixed on the tribunes, the sound system and one of the two giant screens measuring 8x12 metres as well as the air conditioning system equally operational. What is remaining are minor finishing touches concerning the gymnasium, Olympic swimming pool, annex stadiums and other facilities, will be completed and handed over by September 20, 2019.

Contrary to former inspection visits where contractors were hammered by a battery of questions expressing doubts as to the completion of the project in time, this inspection visit was a lively one as everyone including the Governor and his entourage, was interested in taking pictures in the architectural jewel; A photo posted on social media by a journalist, drew an immediate reaction from a friend who inquired if he was in France with the female national football team and he had to reassure the friend he was in Cameroon at the Japoma stadium. It was all smile and expressions of astonishment as the visitors were marvelled at the beauty of the edifice as they accompanied the Governor round the facilities of the stadium such as the dressing room for players with lockers, ‘jacousi’, icing block, the press cabin, toilets, business centre and the presidential tribune where only the luxury seats for the President and wife, are yet to be affixed. It is worthy to mention that the stadium comprises 550 toilets spread in 19 different sections of the stadium. There are 19 entrances and 48 exits which make for easy evacuation of the stadium in case of an emergency which can be done in eight minutes.

The access road through Dibamba is almost complete as well as the 6,000 vehicles capacity parking lot which is just waiting for asphalt to be placed on it.

It was the same scenario at the Reunification stadium which contractors say is also ready for competition. The annex stadium and tribune is complete. What is remaining is the VIP and presidential tribunes on the 40,000 capacity stadium. The seats have been affixed, the green turf ready and electronic score board already in place. No doubt, Governor Ivaha Diboua expressed satisfaction with the progress of work, thanking President Paul Biya for offering the infrastructure to the people of the Littoral Region; henceforth he said Douala will not only be the economic hub of Cameroon but also a centre for hosting international sports competitions



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