2016 Women's AFCON: South West Hotels Ready

Nigerians and Malians are expected in Buea while Kenyans and Ghanaians will stay in Limbe.


The cities of Buea and Limbe are already in the bath of AFCON fever with guests occupying hotel rooms just everywhere. The Parliamentarian Flats, Cameroon’s most history-packed hotel based in the South West Regional capital, Buea, is booking in national female football teams from Nigeria and Mali.  

Pool “B” Limbe hosting four teams will spread its accommodation to neighbouring cities of Limbe and Buea. The official play ground will be the Limbe Omnisports Stadium. Buea, the capital city of the South West Region situated some 15 kilometres from the play ground will host games officials in the famous Mountain Hotel. Meanwhile, the teams from Nigeria and Mali will lodge in the nearby Parliamentarian Flats. Kenya and Ghana will stay in a Limbe-based FINI Hotel. The managements of all hotels have promised to offer princely treats to their guests.

The Parliamentarian Flats Hotel in Buea, state-owned, has undergone a nine-month renovation raising their status to a five-star hotel. The hotel rooms are designed with balconies either facing the second tallest mountain of Africa called Mount Cameroon northwards or overlooking the interminable Atlantic Ocean Southwards. Historically, the Parliamentarian Flats was initially a 30-room rest house conceived during the Cameroon federation to host Members of the then West Cameroon Parliament, the Members of the then West Cameroon House of Chiefs, and the civil servants who just returned from training abroad.

Today, Parliamentarian Flats has been remodeled and extended from 30 to 76 rooms. It now has state-of-the-art fittings for the Kitchen, restaurant, and swimming pool. There are playing courts for volleyball, handball and other sports.  A well-spaced gymnasium is located on the ground floor with displayed photos of sports legends like the all-time footballer, Roger Milla, Eto’o Fils, and the local female mountaineer, Sarah Etonge.

 For nine months, an expert firm has raised the facility to a splendid nest with two types of rooms, the doubles and the twin, each equipped with modern toilets, mini bars with fridge, plasma TV sets, individual safes for precious objects, intercom- telephones, wi-fi internet connections, fire detecting equipment, all in a cozy environment.  





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