Free Health Campaign In Buea : Military Consult, Treats Patients

For two days at the Bokwango Health Centre, patients were screened of various diseases with some given appointment at the Military Hospitals.

Inhabitants of Bokwango Health Area in Buea have benefitted from a free medical consultation exercise carried out in their neighbourhood by Cameroon’s Military. For two days (Thursday July 18 and Friday July 19, 2019) patients that streamed into the Bokwango Health Centre premises were screened of obesity, high blood pressure, HIV AID, eye diseases, diabetes, and malaria among others. The military medics equally performed minor surgeries on the spot. Patients who consulted were provided with all the necessary medications patterning to their illness. Those whose cases could not be handled on the spot and those that needed follow up were given appointments at the Military Hospitals. The Chief of Military Health Department for South West Region, Colonel Ewane Paulin, said that the patients that need follow up and those with appointments will have their situation handle in Military Hospitals for free. Colonel Eyenga Severin, Commander of the 21st Motorised Infantry Brigade, who headed the health campaign, indicated that the army has a duty of ensuring that the population is in good health. That when the population is not in good health, they cannot go to their farms, offices and other work places. So they came to ensure health care to the population. The medical exercise was also meant to enforce the link between the population and the army. Kouam Wokam Paul, Divisional Officer for Buea explained to the huge population that turned out to benefit from the health care services that the army does not only fight war. That the army has a responsibility to provide security and also health care to the population. He reques
ted the people to collaborate with soldiers, for any work that soldiers do is in the interest of the population.

The population saluted the medical exercise carried out in their community. Mbome Patience explained that she has not been feeling fine together with her daughter. Upon getting the announcement, they all came and consulted and were given drugs, all for free. Moanga Mokoko indicated that villagers in his community are facing a financial hard times and the coming of the military with the free health care has been a huge financial relief. At press time on Friday July 19, 2019, a total of 350 patients had been consulted by military.



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