Supreme Court : Nine Public Accountants Take Oath

The event at the Supreme Court on July 18, 2019 was organized by the Audit Bench of the Supreme Court.

Nine Treasury Paymaster Generals, Treasury Paymasters and Council Treasurers appointed in different ministerial orders as public accountants are now fit to exercise their functions following their swearing-in ceremony that took place the Supreme Court on July 18, 2019.

The acting President of the Audit Bench of the Supreme Court, Justice Fofung Justine Nabum Wacka who chaired the event said it was the first swearing-in ritual of  public accountants. She stated that the swearing-in ceremony was an important formality for them to exercise their functions and called on The public accountants to double efforts, work in frank collaboration with other actors on the field in order to succeed in their missions. Before calling for frank collaboration, Justice Wacka recalled the roles of voter holders or authorizing officers, public accountants and finance controllers so as to guard against overlapping of functions.

The public accountants one after the order swore to and promised to perform in a good and faithful manner and to observe in all circumstances the duties conferred on them. Before taking the oaths, each of the public accountants listened to submissions on their missions presented by the First General Counsel at the Supreme Court, Yap Abdou. Drawing abundantly from the laws and regulations in place, he stated the responsibilities of the public accountants in their different spheres of appointment, sanctions in case of violations and told  them to work hard in order to merit the trust conferred on them.



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