Public Contracts : Control Boards Chairpersons Commissioned

The installation on July 19, 2019, marks a new dawn in the follow-up of public investment projects in the country.

Some five officials of the Ministry of Public Contracts have been installed as Chairpersons of Central Contracts Control Boards in the ministry. They were commissioned into their functions in Yaounde on Friday July 19, 2019, by the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Public Contracts, Ibrahim Talba Malla.
The newly commissioned chairpersons were appointed on July 12, 2019, by Minister Talba Malla following the new normative and regulatory framework of the 2018 Public Contracts Code. The following officials were appointed: Chairperson of Central Road Work Contracts Board, Njembele Koum Gustave-Auguste; Chairperson of Central Infrastructure Contracts Board, Paldou Christophe; Chairperson of Central Building and Equipment Contracts Boards, Ottou Jean Marie Aime; Chairperson of Central General Provision Contracts Control Board, Njah Wusena Nkuh; and Chairperson of Central Services and Consultancy Contracts Control Board, Ngadeu Molapie Hugues. Their installation opens a dawn in the follow-up of public investment projects in the country, Cameroon Tribune learned. 
During the installation ceremony, Talba Malla said the chairpersons were designated mindful of their rich profiles, competence, experience, moral virtue, aptitude, as well as strong academic and professional backgrounds. He called on them to respect the fundamental principles of the public contracts system, especially open access to public contracts, equality in the treatment of bidders, transparency in procedures, integrity and efficiency. “Show proof of integrity, effiency, impartiality, probity, rigour and celerity in the treatment of files,” the Minister urged. 
The Boards are technical commissions in charge of priority control of the award of public contracts, placed under the Minister of Public Contracts



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