Back-To-School In NW/SW : Anglophone Newspaper Publishers Donate To Students

In a press briefing yesterday, it was disclosed some 650 school children will be assisted with didactic materials for the upcoming academic year

Members of Cameroon English Language Newspaper Association, CENPA, yesterday, July 23, 2019 pressed on its actions to ensure that schools effectively resume in the North West and South West Regions. In a press briefing, chaired by the President of CENPA, Christian Ngah Mbipgo, it was revealed that the association will offer didactic materials to the 13 divisions that make up the crisis-hit regions. 

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Christian Ngah  told media practitioners that CENPA is greatly saddened by the fact that for three years running, children have been unable to effectively attend school in the North West and South West Regions. He said it is an established fact that by staying away from school, most of these idle children have become drug addicts, commercial sex workers, bandits as well as being involved in other forms of criminality. Aware that the crisis has crippled the economy of the North West and South West, CENPA members have come to the aid of parents who may not be financially viable to send their children back to school for the upcoming academic year. 

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The President of CENPA said the school items would include school bags, exercise books, pens, pencils, rulers, erasers and a token amount of money. CENPA will work with Senior Divisional Officers as well as Divisional Delegates of Secondary and Basic Education to reach out to their benefactors in the 13 divisions. Each division will receive 50 school bags containing the teaching materials. In all, CENPA plans to assist 650 school-going children in the North West and South West Regions. 

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Besides the donation of didactic materials, CENPA plans to organise a workshop on Peace Reporting and Responsible Journalism for English-Speaking Journalists. Furthermore, CENPA with its partners, who are humanitarian organisations are launching a fervent appeal to all parties involved in the conflict to give peace a chance so that normalcy can return to the troubled regions.  

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