Cameroon-Canada : Celebrating Multiculturalism Cooperation

President Paul Biya on July 24, 2019 discussed ways of fostering the cooperation ties with the outgoing Canadian High Commissioner to Cameroon, Nathalie O’Neil.

Cooperation ties between Cameroon and Canada established since 1962, have been growing and are being diversified over the years. President Paul Biya and the outgoing Canadian High Commissioner to Cameroon, Nathalie O’Neil during the farewell audience at Unity Palace on July 24, 2019 explored ways of strengthening the fruitful bilateral relations.

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The advent of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism in Cameroon opened the way for intensified cooperation. High Commissioner Nathalie O’Neil speaking after meeting the Prime Minister Chief Joseph Dion Ngute on July 24, 2019 said she had worked a lot with the Commission to share experiences and lessons learned on bilingualism and multiculturalism. There have been exchange visits between members of the Bilingualism Commission and Canada’s institution in charge of promoting bilingualism and multiculturalism that have been highly beneficial to Cameroon’s young institution.

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Cooperation ties between the two countries have equally extended to the sports infrastructure domain. Nathalie O’Neil expressed delighted that a Canadian company is rehabilitating the Reunification Stadium in Douala, stating that the work will be completed soon. In general, cooperation ties between the two countries have been hinged on pillars such as economic prosperity, promotion of democratic values, respect of human rights, good governance and regional security.

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Trade and investment features prominently in the relations with the peak being the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement signed in March 2014 and the Air Transport Agreement of December 2017. Canada has also been giving development and humanitarian assistance to Cameroon with that of 2015-2016 that stood at 21.54 million US Dollars noticeable as it targeted sectors such as governance, humanitarian assistance, health and education. Specifically, in the educational domain, Canada has been awarding scholarships to Cameroonians through the Canadian Francophonie Scholarships Programme. Thousands of Cameroonian students in studying in Canadian universities. 

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