Upper Nyong Division : Maman Rosette Women’s Empowerment Centre Inaugurated

Built and equipped by CERAC, the charity association of the First Lady also offered diverse gifts to the population in the locality on Saturday, July 27, 2019.

July 27, 2019 is a date that will forever remain engraved in the hearts of inhabitants of the Upper-Nyong Division of the East Region, particularly those living in Dimako, the birth place of the First Lady of Cameroon, Chantal Biya. It was a day to honour and remember the mother of the First Lady, the Late Mrs Rosette Marie Ndongo Mengolo epouse Mboutchouang fondly called “Maman Rosette”. On that memorable Saturday afternoon, the “Maman Rosette” Women Empowerment and the Family Centre of Dimako was presented to the world by the Circle of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC). Representing the First Lady at the event was the General Coordinator of CERAC, Linda Yang. In the presence of the Governor of the East Region, government ministers, family members of Maman Rosette and several other dignitaries, Linda Yang unveiled the commemorative plaque which read: “Maman Rosette Women Empowerment and the Family Center of Dimako, the year two thousand and nineteen and the twenty-seven of July, the Circle of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC), on behalf of its Founding President, Madam Chantal Biya, Spouse of the Head of State, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, UNAIDS Special Ambassador, officially inaugurated and handed over to the State of Cameroon the Maman Rosette Women Empowerment and the Family Center of Dimako, built and equipped by CERAC. CERAC went further to donate diverse gifts to the orphanage “La Maison De L’esperance”, the Dimako Health Centre and women association of the Upper-Nyong Division that is Dimako, Doumaintang, Doume, Lomie, Messok, Mindourou and Ngoyla
Constructing a women’s empowerment centre in honour of Maman Rosette is not an error,  said the personal representative of the First Lady, because she was a beacon of hope for many under the yoke of afflictions, illnesses and poverty. Reason why Linda Yang said it is no surprise she could offer to Cameroonians and humanity at large, a replica of her in the person of Chantal Biya. Hence, the ceremony was an opportunity to thank mother and daughter; that is Maman Rosette and Chantal Biya at Dimako, where everything started. In Dimako, just like in other regions, CERAC and its Founding President have not relented any sacrifice to offer to the population an opportunity to improve their education and production through materials that will favour their autonomy and connection to the digital economy, which is becoming increasingly irresistible in the world today. Linda Yang told the population of Upper Nyong Division that with the agricultural gifts and the women’s empowerment centre equipped with office furniture, computers, sewing machines, multipurpose media hub, kitchen equipment and a library of over 25,000 books, they now have in their hands all the weapons to push back and even eradicate poverty from their midst. The population, through the Mayor of Dimako, Ebongue Onesime, and other speakers could not thank CERAC and its Founding President enough, for such timely gifts which have come to add to the several other actions she has taken to ensure their wellbeing. 



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