Lone Girl : Trapped In Her Father’s Love Affair

The movie projected at the Muna Foundation on July 18, 2019 reiterates the need for love and peace to prevail in our society.

How can a love story between family members render a girl lonely? This is one of the many questions viewers asked as they watched the movie “Lone Girl”, directed by Didi Lobe and produced by Solange Ndengue, a rising Cameroonian actress. The storyline depicts what happens when love and jealousy converge in one’s heart, when hatred meets sorcery, when friends and loved ones betray each other. This is the life of Munge (Solange Ndengue) in a 66-minute emotion-packed tearful movie “Lone Girl” screened recently at the 2019 edition of the Ecran Noir Festival. Viewers see Munge caught in the trap of her jealous aunt, Patricia (Bih Celestine), who has vowed to make her life miserable. One reason accounts for this hatred: Munge’s father (Palmer Ngale), her childhood lover, never got married to her. Instead, he chose to get married to her sister, what she never pardoned.  Patricia’s concoctions obtained from a witch doctor will help accomplish her quest for revenge. On trying to kill Munge, Patricia will mistakenly kill Munge’s father. In another desperate attempt, Munge’s mother and brother will be killed. While seeking refuge in her friend’s home after losing everything, Munge is raped. “The message behind this movie is that true and genuine love should always prevail no matter the circumstances. We should always spread love, in all circumstances. We do not know the burden people carry daily. Showing them a little love can go a long way to give them a moment of happiness,” Solange Ndengue, lead actress, script writer and producer of the movie said. 
The movie described by many as an outpour of emotions was shot in Buea, South West Region in November 2018 during the rainy season. Because of the current insecurity in the Region, the Director of the movie, Didi Lobe disclosed that there were instances he could not say “action” because he was scared to be mistaken for a criminal. Nonetheless, with determination and the message behind the movie, the crew broke all boundaries to bring it to the limelight so as to educate the population on love and the need for it to prevail in our society. In eight days, a total of 26 local actors and actresses collaborated, exchanged technical know-how in view of producing the movie that goes for FCFA 1,500



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